CRAFTED Nairobi: Design and Garment Establishment is a clothing and design company started in 2020 (Nairobi, Kenya) by Wana Muthama.

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Wana spent 6 years in the hospitality industry and understood the importance of uniform in our daily lives. Here at CRAFTED Nairobi, we tackle the idea of uniform in our day to day. We are in conversation with different industries and individuals to understand what uniform is to them and what garments and objects can best help us get through the day with ease and comfort.

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We invite you to explore this idea with us.


BLUEPRINT is a series of videos by CRAFTED Nairobi: Design and Garment Establishment that interviews different designers, artists and other professionals. We are on a mission to discuss how they got to where they are today, why they think their work is important and what their thoughts on the industries they work in are.

This is a platform which holds information for other people in these industries or who wish to join these industries. It is also to have a more personalised interaction with these people who do not usually put their pen down too often to take a moment to reflect on the work they have done so far and vocalise the direction they see themselves heading towards.